My Philosophy

Mark Pinkett - Philosophy

“Coach the Student not teach the swing”

“Create Knowledge, improve simplicty”

My philosophy about Coaching golf is pretty simple. I don’t think there is a universal best way to swing club. Rather, everyone has his or hers own “unique” way of swinging that club.

I believe that if most instructors were honest, they would admit to having some strong preferences as to what they think are “best” swing styles. I am certainly one of those instructors. However, after coaching golf for over 20 years, I realize that not everyone has the time, talent or desire to change their fundamentals.

My objective in coaching the game of golf is to help my students improve their skills and develop their abilities. I feel an obligation to show a student how to benefit best from a lesson. The student will know and have an understanding of what will occur during the session. They will be given reasons for my suggestions and instruction for change.

To quote the great Ben Hogan, “Don’t simply tell a player what he is doing wrong – that’s not much help. You must explain to them what they ought to be doing, why it is correct, and the results it produces. Then work really hard to get it across so they really understand what you are talking about.

I approach all my lessons,clinics and schools with this enthusiasm and dedication.

“I don’t simply teach you how to hit a golf ball. I coach you on how to play the game of golf.”

All instruction is tailored to the player’s personal goals, physical abilities or limitations and knowledge of the game.

Enjoy your Journey...

My approach to coaching is to present a complete golf education that is plan based on making the student their own best teacher.

I focus on improving what the ball does. What the golf ball does is my best source of diagnosing a golf swing, pitch, bunker shot, chip, or putt.

My swing model is based on the Swing Plane. The swing plane determines where the ball goes, how much ground you hit and what part of the clubface the ball hits. What you do with your body are the fundamentals that help you to swing the club “On Plane.”

Detailed evaluation of the student’s game allows me to improve the area that suffers the most.

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